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A Day in the Life of a Digital Marketer.

Meet Ellie our Digital Marketer.

Why Digital Marketing?

I studied travel and tourism for 3 years at college and International Tourism Management at university for another 3 years and throughout my courses over the 6 years, marketing was a unit I had to learn, which I loved and wanted my career to be in marketing once I had graduated.

I graduated from university on July 10th and the first thing I started doing is looking for a job role as a digital marketer and came across Cloud53. I passed my interview with Cloud53 and everyone here was so welcoming and a pleasure to work alongside.







Day to Day

The first thing that I make sure to do every morning is checking Cloud53’s Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts and I do this as this gives me an insight into what is trending on that day and this allows me to share any stories that are relevant. I then see if I have anything to post on each social media account. I show Dan some of my ideas I have created as he likes to be picky so as soon as he is happy the posts are scheduled to Hootsuite.

I had a meeting with Stephen on what he wants me to do marketing-wise for Cloud53 and asked me my ideas and opinions. I learned a lot from Stephen as he showed me some tricks that I didn’t know and he told me that he liked what I was doing so far.

The team at Cloud53 has a weekly meeting which allows everyone to be updated on what each of us is up to and what plans we have in place for the company as everyone has a different job role.

Before I leave I make sure to check all of our social media accounts to see if there are any comments I can reply to and see what engagement the posts have got. When I get home I also create more posts to make sure I’m ahead and this allows me to post regularly.

It is my second week at Cloud53 and there is still so much I haven’t done but I will be doing, such as meeting Cloud53’s clients, visiting our data centers and attending network events.

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Day in the life of a technical support engineer

Day in the life of a technical support engineer

IT support is at the heart of what we do here at Cloud53. So we thought we’d let you in on what a day in the life as a technical support engineer is like…

We thought it would be great to give you an insight in to what goes on behind the scenes when you call for IT support, and who better to ask than Brad one of our longest working technicians.

What does a technical support engineer do?

“To start my day off in the morning, I focus on our proactive monitoring; I ensure all backups have ran successfully throughout the night and check if any machines on our network are identifying any possible issues. Potential issues can range from unsuccessful virus scans to hard drive failures. Once these tasks are dealt with, I can begin to work on any internal projects that we are currently working on. At the moment, most of my effort is spent on our new network monitoring software. I have been adding required servers and putting in place active checks which run around the clock. This is designed to let us know as soon as a problem has occurred before it becomes serious or could affect our customer’s productivity.

As well as this, each day I take multiple calls and queries from our customers who actively report any IT issues they are experiencing. At this point, I take as much information as I can regarding the issue and then create a ticket which details the problem that has been reported.”

How do you help our customers?

“I try to go the extra mile for all of our customers, no problem reported is too big or too small! During any support I provide, I ensure the customer is kept up to date regularly as I’m dealing with their issue. Once the problem is resolved, I explain what the issue was and how I resolved it, without all the technical jargon. I always check if there’s anything else I can help or support with to make sure the customer is satisfied with the result of the service!”

What is office life like a Cloud53?

“I’ve been with Cloud53 for just over two years, we all work together to create a relaxed but professional office environment. I enjoy working here for multiple reasons; I am able to work with a wide range of technology and there is always something new to learn. Not to mention the free fruit all week and cups of tea on demand, oh and a day off on your birthday! I think I can speak for everyone here when I say it’s a rewarding job and a great company to work for.”

Brad Roberts – Technical support engineer

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