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Laptop Buyers See Empty Shelves

As we all know over the past month we have been advised to stay indoors and avoid going out as much as possible this now includes work. If we can work from home, we most definitely should be.


Most people weren’t prepared for this step so soon in the process and it clearly shows the increase in sales in a number of goods bought for homes in such a short period of time. Some of these things ranging from home gym equipment, freezers, puzzles, games and the more obvious ones being hand sanitizer with a whopping 300% increase in the past couple weeks and then the most unusual out of them all being toilet roll which has absolutely no correlation with the virus at all.




 All IT equipment is also on the increase and sales have doubled in the UK on most laptops, desktops and headsets as these are the absolute essentials if you’re going to be working from home. In this case, it’s very lucky for us office workers as having this equipment enables us to work remotely very easily from anywhere toy may be.


HP and DELL two of the top well-known brands are still struggling to replenish stock as the products are in such high demand, it seems it’s not just supermarkets with empty shelves. Unfortunately they cannot provide a single business laptop until the 1st week of April as all manufactured stock has been sold. Not only the well-known brands have had a large increase but it has had a massive impact on everything involved with IT. It may be frustrating but they are all doing the best they can to produce enough products for the number of buyers.

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Organic Vs Paid Facebook Ads

There are around 1.6 billion people worldwide who may be connected to a business on Facebook and more than two billion actually use Facebook every month. Whoever your target audience it’s highly likely they are active on Facebook. So, if you’re starting up a business or just want to increase advertisement for your brand, find out if paid advertising is the solution for you.


What is the difference?

Essentially organic marketing is when the content you post drives your customers to visit your page naturally over time but to achieve the goal you want it could take a while to build up following. On the other hand, you could pay a social media platform for this example being Facebook.


Organic is Free

As creating a Facebook account is free, why not take the opportunity to use it and promote your business. However organic reach has a limit, today there is so much content being posted. How will you know if anyone is actually seeing it, the problem is you don’t. So this could be really difficult to gain an audience altogether as your posts could be getting lost on their feed. You will also be competing with others who do pay for their ads which will decrease your chances of being seen, especially if you are a new business and only have a small following to begin with.



Why pay for Facebook advertisement?

 It’s such an easy option for so many companies as it gives you simple ad solutions. You don’t have to be an expert or have much experience in advertising, as Facebook does all the hard work for you. They offer a simple step-by-step guide on how to achieve your advert. Thing you should consider when creating a Facebook advert;

  • Your objective
  • Your Audience
  • Where you want your ad to run
  • How much do you want to spend?
  • Your format; images, videos


Boosted posts – This will help interactions with all interactions, it will boost your likes, shares and comments. They also expand your reach to new people who could potentially be interested in your content and services.

Page ad – Promote your page and encourage people to follow.

Website ad – Promote your website to increase website visits.

Promote call-to-action button – This will let people interact with your page and promote your main objective. For example being able to book appointment’s or make purchase and will help drive conversation.


Facebook ads are an extremely useful if you want to promote your business, build new connections and potential customers.  All depending on your budget, you need to be realistic and ask yourself if Facebook adds would really benefit your business as usually doesn’t come at a small price. 




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3CX Offers Solutions for Crisis

In times like these we discover that it would be useful but almost essential (at the moment anyway) that we are able to work from our home environment but I understand it’s not always that easy. But we may have a solution, 3CX telephone systems if you don’t know, get to know. if you are a business that needs support in this crisis 3CX are providing free software which enables staff to work from home. “With the Covid-19 outbreak, there is an unprecedented need for teams to be able to work remotely. In an effort to assist companies transition to a remote workforce as smoothly and painlessly as possible, we are offering 3CX for free for 3 years. We hope with this small gesture we are able to alleviate some of the financial burdens this virus is posing on businesses and on the economy at large,” announced Stefan Walther, CEO, 3CX.



What is it?

3CX Phone System is an award-winning software-based IP PBX that replaces traditional proprietary hardware PBX. It is based on the SIP standard and supports most popular SIP phones, VoIP Gateways, VoIP service providers and PSTN phone lines. It’s an open standards communication solution and a global leader in business. Their services are pretty much suitable for any business type and will accommodate your needs now and in the future but most importantly it will save you money.

How does it work? 

It’s hosted in the cloud or on your premises so where ever you may be it’s just as easy to access as if you were at work. You have full mobility, it has a wide range of features that you will need in the modern day world especially in times like these. It will really change your business forever. You can run this from any of your devices being Android, iOS, Mac or windows, also integrated video conferencing for no charge at all.

Follow the link to find out more –




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WFH – Get the most of out of your day

Coronavirus or not it’s useful for us all to know how to work from home efficiently. There shouldn’t be much difference than when in the office other than lounging around in your pyjamas. It looks like a lot of business’ seem to be shifting towards working from home instead to prevent the virus spreading quicker, but how are you going to see the best results? The first step to getting the best out of working from home is simple, just to treat it like any other real job. Start off the day with your usual ‘before work’ routine get out of your Pj’s and get yourself into smarter attire, you’ve got to look the part!  Most of you out there won’t have an office space in your home but that shouldn’t get in the way of you being productive there’s no excuses, create a temporary place in your home or simply set the laptop at your dinner table, instead of lying in bed with it. This also lets the people in your home you are busy with work and respect that you are professional and take your job serious no matter where you may be.  filmmaker-2838932_1920 We are here to help It’s always good to be prepared in case the worst does happen. If any of our clients find themselves leaving the office to work from home, we have it covered. It’s simple, we set up a VPN for our clients to work from home this allows them to access their work network so it doesn’t matter where you are!  
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What does Cloud53 really mean?


What is Cloud53?

Why do businesses choose their name? Do they put thought and meaning into choosing one or is it simply the first thing that came to mind? This blog post will tell you why and how Cloud53 became Cloud53 so keep reading!

Lost in the cloud

Firstly, the cloud in our name is obvious isn’t it? We are a cloud computing business that offer a range of cloud services. You might be thinking “what is this cloud everyone’s talking about” but we’ll save that for another blog post. So if the cloud part of our name is clear, why is the 53 there and what does it mean?

Image result for herbieWhy the 53?

Number 1 on our list of reasons is that the Cloud53 head office is based in the city of Manchester, the heart of all our operations. Manchester is located along the 53rd degree of latitude. This is what sparked the initial idea for the 53.

Reason number 2 for the 53 is slightly more technical and appropriate to our business. The DNS (Domain Name Server) port is 53 and fundamental to the internet. DNS ensures the internet is not only user-friendly, but also works smoothly. This is another reason why 53 is such an important part of our name.

Not only did we choose to have the 53 in our name, there are also some coincidences that we have come across along the way. For example, our office happens to be located along the bus route of bus 53. Although this may not be a coincidence, it’s still a fun fact that one of our directors only puts £53.53 litres of fuel in his car. There’s also a C53 hidden in the green cloud icon of our logo and have you ever noticed the 53’s in our telephone number? As you can see, our name isn’t just a name to us. To us, our name is what we’re all about and we hope you enjoyed another blog post with an insight into what our business is about.

Don’t forget to check out our other latest blog posts on our website and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you think we could help your business run smoother! You can reach us on 0333 444 5353 or email [email protected]

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