The cloud allows companies to store their data in third-party data centres through a cloud provider. This is becoming increasingly popular each year, however, people are still asking is their data is safe in the cloud?

Many people are apprehensive that cloud computing is less secure than conventional methods of storing data. The main reason for this is since organisations data is stored on servers and systems that they do not own or control. However, cloud computing offers organisations an array of security choices to ensure your data is encrypted and safely stored.

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Cloud storage providers share the responsibility for cloud storage security and implement standard protection for their platforms and the data that they process including authentication, access control and encryption. This is the basic security measures they have in place, most providers offer added security measures to strengthen cloud data protection and reinforce access to sensitive information in the cloud.

To access any files you require an encryption key, without this key files look like random letters and numbers. This key can be stored by the service itself, or by individual users.

The server usually stores at least three copies of each piece of data, in different places meaning it is hard for them to get lost in the cloud. You need to have all three copies disappear at the same time to lose any data, and if this happens, which is unlikely, data can be recovered in a couple of days.


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The cloud is flexible meaning that clients can scale the service to suit their needs, customise apps and can access cloud services from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

The cloud is also efficient as clients can get applications to market quickly, without thinking about infrastructure costs or maintenance.

The cloud also provides clients with a competitive advantage as they provide users with the most innovative technology that is currently available.

Users of the cloud can choose public, private or hybrid storage options which varies on security needs and other considerations.

If there ever is a hardware failure this does not mean that there will be data loss as with the cloud there are networked backups.

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