Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. Around 1 billion people use Instagram every single month

Engage with similar accounts in your industryInstagram page

Before posting content to your Instagram, engage with the content that other accounts are posting especially the accounts that are similar to yours. One rule of Instagram is that engagement feeds engagement, interacting with other accounts will increases your awareness as the more you engage with others the more noticeable your account becomes, therefore, increasing your engagement.

To find new accounts to follow and engage with, you can

  • Find accounts by searching for keywords that can be seen in the accounts bio, ensure your keywords are specific as possible as this will help you get the most relevant matches
  • Search for hashtags that relate to your industry, this will allow you to discover similar accounts and content
  • Engage with your competitor’s followers


Engage with content before and after you post your content

Within the first hour of posting your content, you want to get as much engagement as possible. When you get a lot of engagement the algorithm on Instagram will acknowledge your post as appealing to your followers meaning that your post will appear higher up in more of your follower’s pages. By engaging with other content before posting your own this will increase the amount of engagement that you will get, this will increase the number of people visiting your page, liking the most recent post which increases the awareness of your page.


HashtagsMalaga Calle Larios Malaga

Using long-tail hashtags on your posts will reflect the context of your post as these are specific and detailed. For example, you post a picture of a place you have travelled to, you can use the hashtag #malaga which has 5.4 million posts or you can use the hashtag #callelariosmalaga which has over 1,000 posts. The long-tail has fewer post associated with it which means that you have a better chance of your content being discovered or being commented on. New posts will be getting added to the Malaga hashtag every minute meaning that your post will be pushed down the page quickly. Post are being added to the #callelariosmalaga hashtag less regularly meaning that your content is more likely to stay near the top of the page.



Posts that have captions create more engagement and encourage followers to spend more time looking at your posts. A good caption will give your post context, engage your audience and show personality. Make your Instagram caption more effective and engaging, include a call to action. You can do this by asking a question or encourage your followers to tag a friend.



Post more pictures of people 

According to Sprout Social, posts that have people in them get 38% more likes than those without! You can do this by sharing a post of the team you work with, photos of your customers with your product or photos of the people your brand serves. Sharing photos of people will help to humanise your brand, connect with your audience and boost your engagement.


Reply to comments

Replying to comments is very important as this helps to push your content to the top of your audiences pages. As more people comment, Instagram sees your post as an interesting piece of content that will be interesting to other people too. Reply to comments straight away making sure to be friendly.


Best time to post Instagram Global Engagement

You can find out when the best time to post is by using Instagram insights and testing which post time works the best for your engagement levels. You can also use different social media tools such as Iconosquare which will calculate everything for you and show you the times you should be posting.


Stories are a great way to boost your engagement, there are loads of things you can do to keep your audience interested. You can use Instagram stories to draw attention to new content which will boost your engagement, ensure that you encourage your followers to go to your page to find out more.


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