These days everything seems to be moving to the Cloud, and telephony is no different. In fact businesses are benefiting by moving their telephone systems to the Cloud and virtualising them into VoIP (Voice over IP) systems. This not only saves businesses costs by not having to run and maintain traditional onsite telephone systems, but also frees up space in comms rooms and cupboards. Moving to a hosted PBX solution can seem a little daunting and it is sometimes a good idea to run a proof of concept before diving in head first.
Our customers typically see a cost reduction of 80% within the first year of moving to a Cloud hosted telephone system – now surely that’s got to be worth having a conversation about?!
Cloud PBX’s don’t have to cost the earth and they are scalable. With a traditional telephone system you’d have to understand how many lines or extensions you wanted and then add some on for future growth planning. With Cloud telephone systems this is not the case. Businesses only pay for what they use on a metered basis. This gives the freedom and flexibility to plan for business growth without the capital investment. Additionally when the time for expansion comes there is no outlay for expensive addon modules or additional bits of hardware. This means that the speed for deployment of additional features or extensions is dramatically reduced.

Here at Cloud53 we have over 10 years experience deploying and working with VoIP telephone systems Our experience ranges from Asterisk systems, Trixbox & 3CX Phone System. We are partnered with 3CX and deploy their 3CX IP PBX in a hosted manner from the Cloud, or alternatively we can deploy and maintain the 3CX PBX using an on premise approach.

To find out how our Cloud hosted PBX solutions could help you and your business give one of our Cloud experts a call today.