The world of Cloud Computing can seem a little daunting. The buzz word “Cloud” is everywhere we look, yet many people aren’t entirely sure what the Cloud is or how it may benefit them. The truth of it is that you’re probably already using the Cloud in some fashion, perhaps without even realising it. Gmail, Hotmail and Dropbox are all an example of Cloud services.

Maybe you use Cloud storage services to store your digital information online. You probably also use some form of Cloud based email service. Just because we haven’t thought of email as a Cloud service doesn’t mean that it isn’t one.

According to a recent survey carried out by Citrix 95% of us in the UK believe we’re not actually using the Cloud when in actual fact, we are.
Furthermore 22% of people surveyed confessed to pretending that they understand how the cloud works.

Cloud Computing doesn’t need to be scary. Businesses and individuals need to choose a Cloud supplier who understands their needs and has a proven track record of delivering Cloud technologies. A move to the Cloud should improve your business practices whilst also saving you money.

If you’re considering a move to the Cloud or want to see how much you could save speak to our Cloud experts today.