5 tips on how you can keep yourself safe online


1.Passwords and Two-Factor Authentication
  • Change your password every so often as this will increase the level of security.
  • Don’t use the same password for all of your accounts.
  • Don’t leave your passwords in close proximity to your devices.
  • Never share your password.

The two-factor authentication method provides two layers of security measures so if a hacker can accurately guess your password, there is still an additional security measure in place to ensure that your account is not breached.

  2.How to choose the right password and what to avoid

These are the 4 most used passwords online which makes whoever is using them vulnerable as they are easy to guess.

  • Password
  • 123456
  • 12345678
  • 1234

When creating a password, most of your devices and accounts will show a strength meter from weak to strong which indicates your chosen password strength. This is a guide that should prompt you to alter your password if your password is too weak. A strong password will have a mix of numbers and letters, both lower and uppercase, and at least 8 characters – most importantly never use any personal information in them.



3.Think Before You Click 

Unfortunately, there are so many unsafe links out there that can cause damage to you and your business. Before you click a link, THINK, is it an unusual message? Something you’re not expecting or you can immediately tell that something doesn’t seem quite right? Inspect the link, is it legitimate? Look for things such as the destination of the URL, is the email senders address genuine? If you are struggling to work it out there are useful tools out there that can be of help. 


4.Back-up Your Data

It’s important to have your data backed up in a physical location and more importantly in the cloud. When your data is in the cloud it is ultimately untouchable, the hacker’s end goal could be to encrypt your data leaving you with nothing. Without having a backup you will have no way of getting your data back. Once it’s gone it’s gone. Increase confidence in your company’s data staying safe from malicious threats. 



5.Secure your Device 

Securing your device doesn’t stop at your desktop, your mobile phone can hold just as much data that you need to protect. You use your mobile phone for pretty much everything including your online banking as well as storing your bank card details. Ensure your passcode is a random selected number pattern nothing too easy to guess if there is an option to enable touch/face ID as passwords this will make it harder for anyone to hack. 



Logo transparent   Services we offer to help protect you 


AntiVirus – Cloud53 has its own bespoke Antivirus solution which is hosted in the cloud and runs on your computers through a very lightweight application. This is a fully managed service, updates happen seamlessly without the users’ knowledge, and should a virus be detected again this will be dealt with remotely leaving the user safe in the knowledge that their computer is fully protected


 AntiSpam – SPAM (unsolicited email) sadly affects everyone these days (estimated 100 billion sent around the world daily). Cloud53 hosts a fully managed service for anti-spam and anti-virus filtering of all your emails. Spam filtering will never be 100% as it’s obviously changing daily however we estimate that approximately 99% of spam is quarantined by our anti-spam system.


Backup & Recovery – In simple terms this is backing up your data offsite and to the cloud. People only realise the importance of their data when they have lost it whether that be due to corruption, virus, deletion, or simply disk failure. Cloud53 can backup your data (any size) to the cloud so it’s safe and accessible. We can backup daily or weekly and retain the last 30 days for you or more if required. Equally, we can restore the data back to you should the worst happen. How valuable is your data? What would you do without it? 


Cloud Failover & Disaster Recovery – Also known as DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) Cloud53 provides high-availability and continuous uptime solutions for your organisation. We do this by replicating your live systems to our Cloud environment in realtime. Our Cloud technology monitors the heartbeat of your production servers and can automatically failover entire production servers to our Cloud within minutes. This ensures your business-critical servers are always available no matter what happens.