What is Cloud53?

Why do businesses choose their name? Do they put thought and meaning into choosing one or is it simply the first thing that came to mind? This blog post will tell you why and how Cloud53 became Cloud53 so keep reading!

Lost in the cloud

Firstly, the cloud in our name is obvious isn’t it? We are a cloud computing business that offer a range of cloud services. You might be thinking “what is this cloud everyone’s talking about” but we’ll save that for another blog post. So if the cloud part of our name is clear, why is the 53 there and what does it mean?

Image result for herbieWhy the 53?

Number 1 on our list of reasons is that the Cloud53 head office is based in the city of Manchester, the heart of all our operations. Manchester is located along the 53rd degree of latitude. This is what sparked the initial idea for the 53.

Reason number 2 for the 53 is slightly more technical and appropriate to our business. The DNS (Domain Name Server) port is 53 and fundamental to the internet. DNS ensures the internet is not only user-friendly, but also works smoothly. This is another reason why 53 is such an important part of our name.

Not only did we choose to have the 53 in our name, there are also some coincidences that we have come across along the way. For example, our office happens to be located along the bus route of bus 53. Although this may not be a coincidence, it’s still a fun fact that one of our directors only puts £53.53 litres of fuel in his car. There’s also a C53 hidden in the green cloud icon of our logo and have you ever noticed the 53’s in our telephone number? As you can see, our name isn’t just a name to us. To us, our name is what we’re all about and we hope you enjoyed another blog post with an insight into what our business is about.

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