Coronavirus or not it’s useful for us all to know how to work from home efficiently. There shouldn’t be much difference than when in the office other than lounging around in your pyjamas. It looks like a lot of business’ seem to be shifting towards working from home instead to prevent the virus spreading quicker, but how are you going to see the best results? The first step to getting the best out of working from home is simple, just to treat it like any other real job. Start off the day with your usual ‘before work’ routine get out of your Pj’s and get yourself into smarter attire, you’ve got to look the part!  Most of you out there won’t have an office space in your home but that shouldn’t get in the way of you being productive there’s no excuses, create a temporary place in your home or simply set the laptop at your dinner table, instead of lying in bed with it. This also lets the people in your home you are busy with work and respect that you are professional and take your job serious no matter where you may be.  filmmaker-2838932_1920 We are here to help It’s always good to be prepared in case the worst does happen. If any of our clients find themselves leaving the office to work from home, we have it covered. It’s simple, we set up a VPN for our clients to work from home this allows them to access their work network so it doesn’t matter where you are!